Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Planet POGO

It has all come down to theme parks. Cartoon Network, owned by Turner International, is now planning to build a theme park in India, entitled Planet Pogo, which is also based on the Children’s channel Pogo. It has only been a little more than a decade after satellite television first beamed cartoons into India’s living rooms. They are already getting their first amusement park that is based on cartoon characters. This deal is enabling Cartoon Network to reintroduce characters such as Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones and Scooby Doo to a new generation of kids. They can bring back some of the classics. Disney is known as the pioneer in this area, since they repackaged Mickey Mouse to the world through Disney World and Disney Land.
Sales from distributing cartoons alone are rising very fast, more than 20% a year. It has been noticed that the children of India love the American cartoons. “Analysts say that for companies such as Turner the centers are a way of selling cartoons beyond the screen: encouraging children to spend their parents’ money on branded clothes and games in the "sealed" environment of a theme park.”

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