Sunday, March 2, 2008

Come to Canada!

Come to Canada, invent the next Blackberry…that title grabs your interest. What are they talking about? Well, it turns out Canada, specifically the Manitoba region is working on a campaign to entice foreign students to come to Canada. Canada is lagging in their number of international students, where the UK the US and Australia are all flourishing. They are trying to use the idea of coming to Canada to create technological wonders as the main focus of the campaign. Bang marketing in Montreal is working on slogans for this national branding campaign; they are federally sponsored for $2 million. Other than “Imagine inventing the next blackberry,” the slogans include, “The world is my playground, I study in Canada,” as well as “Knowledge without boundaries.”
Canada used to be ranked within the top 5 destinations for foreign students, according to the Canadian Bureau for International Education, but now it has moved down to number 14. This new branding campaign is set to work in tandem with other new federal measures to appeal to international students. There will be scholarships for foreign students these scholarships and the branding campaign is hoped to improve Canada’s poor market share.


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