Monday, March 10, 2008

Nielsen goes Global!

Nielsen Media Company has just announced that they will be collaborating with the New York Times to announce their first international campaign. This new campaign is based on brand awareness. They want to be seen internationally as the premier media research company. To accomplish this goal, Nielsen will feature ads in NY Times sports magazine called PLAY, which comes out four times a year. Nielsen will be the sole advertiser for the August issue of PLAY, which is focused solely on the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. The campaign however, will also feature ads in print, online, radio and mobile. The New York Times chief advertising officer Denise Warren stated, “This is an exciting pairing of two global organizations, with each one showing a powerful brand on one of the biggest stages in the world—the 2008 Olympics.” Karen Watson, senior vice president of communications for Nielsen also mentioned, “we want to welcome the world to Nielsen, alliance with the New York Times is a wonderful opportunity to showcase Nielsen as a global consumer insights company.”
The campaign is planned to launch this summer, with PLAY being distributed in the Sunday August 3rd edition of the New York Times, as well as the International Herald Tribune in Asia. There are also print ads and website banner ads for each of these publications.


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