Monday, March 31, 2008

Mobile Advertising

Mywaves is the largest mobile video source today. It has just recently announced many new advertising clients to help them get the word out about this product. According to the CEO of Mywaves, "In order for us to continue making our service enjoyable for consumers and effective for our advertising partners, we remain dedicated to monitoring all aspects of our service so we remain savvy to what works and what doesn't work for both. With the combination of our reach, researching and targeting capabilities, and variety of ad units to reach mobile consumers, our video service has become a leading platform for mobile ad delivery."
Starting this week, Mywaves has decided to launch a general awareness campaign for Microsoft, in India. The banner ads will be on Mywaves mobile sites, and will advertise the MS Office New Day Product line. In March Mywaves did advertising in cooperation with the Toyota Matrix and also worked on a campaign with Mini to promote their new model the “Club Man.” Mywaves is a good medium to use for advertisers to get their message out globally by using the same commercial that they would for tv or the internet. “Many advertisers are looking to maximize their creative investment by using the same ads they produced for their online and TV buys for their mobile campaigns.”

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