Thursday, March 13, 2008

BBC and Rolex, new friends?

The BBC, one of the most prestigious news stations in the nation, has now accepted advertising from Rolex on their website. Rolex has now been labeled he official advertiser on, the international site for the BBC. Rolex, the Swiss watchmaker, will sponsor all the content on BBC. Com, including news, weather, and sports. This will also help in a move to brand the message to 28 million non-UK users. However, users from Britain will be redirected to the UK site that does not have any advertisements. This is because there have been a lot of concerns raised that the BBC is becoming commercialized.
This Rolex partnership will be the first in a series of advertisements for the BBC. Critics believe that this decision to have advertising on the site is a bad move for the BBC since it is a public service broadcaster. A spokeswoman said: "The BBC’s reputation at home and internationally is based on its freedom from advertising and commercial pressures.


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