Thursday, April 10, 2008

European Commericals vs. American Commercials

This advertisement for a German Energy company called Epuron won an award at the Cannes International Advertising Awards. I find this commercial to be very silly, and similar in a way to other European ads. The commercials we see from other parts of the world are always a little bit more obscure, and therefore interesting. It has to be the rules and regulations that come with advertising. I know here in America there are many rules that must be followed when creating commercials, where in Europe they are not so strict and allow more ideas to slide.
European advertising has been known to try to attract customers through an innovative, opened, sexier and flexible approach to advertising. It has been said that advertising in the US is falling, and that PR is rising, however advertising in Europe is definitely still going strong. It is seen that European advertisers more commonly use the human body to draw interest, and where in America we might want to leave more to imagination, in Europe they do not do that and instead make the consumer focus on the product. Rather than making them think so much into an ad, Europeans show it all, leaving less to the imagination, therefore not distracting from the product.


here is a blog that has a list of funny European commercials

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ad Impressions Around the World

15 billion ad impressions per month?! That is a lot, however it is just another day for Etology, the global leader in online advertising. This company is used to seeing 500 million ad impressions per day across Europe, with 300 collectively in Germany, the UK, France, Italy and the Netherlands. Etology’s European ad publishers include many high traffic sites. Some of these include, Bebo, Freindster and hi5, all dealing with the craze of social networking. Many advertisers on these sites also include Skechers, Vonage, and TravelZoo. This platform of bringing online communities together has created more targeting for online marketing as well as created corporate growth in the past year.
According to Brock Purpura, Etology’s CEO, "Through international expansion and strong foreign revenue streams, Etology's business model promises continued growth, our globalization and international market growth is critical to maintain our position as a leader in the online advertising arena."
What appears to be a pro of Etology’s advertising boom, is that it is easy to use. “A simple navigation dashboard allows anyone, from experienced web publishers to amateur entrepreneurs, to place profitable ads on a website.” The flexible nature of ads and ways to purchase them enables targeted campaigns to develop. A comprehensive dashboard also provides advertisers with statistics and analytic ideas concerning ad placement. Etology's ad service can be used anywhere in the world, including more than 190 countries.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

hi 5!

Hi5 is the second largest social network in the world. There have recently been announcements of partnerships with Telecom in Portugal to enable more media in Portugal and the UK. The partnerships are made to combine an established local presence with a global audience. The plan is to offer advertisers more targets globally within the growing markets for Hi5.
According to Tiago Silva Lopes of Portugal Telecom, "hi5 has developed a strong global brand and loyal Portuguese audience. Our services can help extend hi5's visibility and value to advertisers in Portugal." The primary advertising platform of Hi5 is to allow advertisers to pinpoint their target audiences. The audiences of teens and twenties are the most coveted, and they represent the fastest growing demographic at this time. The internet as a medium of advertising is now becoming the most popular, since many advertisers are targeting the teens and young adults. This audience’s primary medium is the internet. That is why the internet ad spending, at least in the US has risen so drastically over the past years. "Hi5's expansive international reach helps global advertisers achieve their business goals, and creates tremendous value for all of our partners and advertisers."

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