Saturday, March 8, 2008


Metro-monial…what does this mean to you? Well, if you are thinking that it sounds a lot like matrimonial, you are on the right track. is a website that targets the metropolitan user in India. Their newest viral campaign theme “Fire n Ice,” communicates directly to the youth of the metros, and plans to be “India’s only metro-monial site.” It not only influences people to get married; however it talks about relationships both before and after marriage.
The site features animations expressing romance as well as a romantic soundtrack that enables it to cross language barriers creating an understanding of it universal. The “love is in the air” theme shows a boy and a girl that are made for each other. There are also links included which allows users to send the animations to their soul mates! The creative aspects of the site show both the highs and lows of relationships and how to work through bad times. The boy and girl both morph into different animals and objects in response to each other’s moods and feelings.
This seems to be acute site that is targeting young people, and kind of pushing the idea of marriage. I understand that it is saying that it is relationship based, but the title being “simplymarry” is saying that marriage is simple, and you should just do it. Is this really a good message to give to the youth? Different cultures, different ideals.

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