Saturday, February 23, 2008

International the air

American Airlines has recently put together a new advertising approach to focus on their international business class passengers, known as the Flagship Experience. To promote this concept there will be a new 30 second television commercial that will at first be aired in select markets during the Academy Awards. This commercial will feature computer-generated imagery of the new features of the premium international business class. Then they will continue to create a website that includes in depth information and features that will be available in eight countries worldwide.
According to Dan Gorton, American Airlines Vice President of Marketing, “This Flagship Experience approach is different from what we've done in the past. It reflects how our brand is evolving, and it demonstrates that we're in tune with our customers' needs."
American Airlines is the world’s largest airline, and through this new campaign plans to showcase their international business class. The new seats are designed by Recaro, and are extremely adjustable, and also feature a bed length of 76 inches. There are privacy dividers as well as interlocking tray tables. It should be quite luxurious.

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