Thursday, March 20, 2008

AOL: new advertising strategy

It has been said that Dana Dunne, CEO of AOL plans to make AOL a European internet advertising giant. He plans to create more advertising over seas for AOL, which could then potentially create free service if the revenue from advertisers is enough. In 2007 AOL began to expand in Europe, starting off with 3 countries. After 11 months 11 more countries were on board. AOL’s mission now is to get its message across to the international advertising community. He plans to attract new users that had been loyal to Google and Yahoo.
The strategy being used to get more international advertisers includes “4 pillars,” which are improving free products and services, international expansion, building advertising platforms and deciding how budgets are best spent.
I think that the attempt to get more international users would be a great idea to up the advertising for AOL. I remember when AOL was the service to use back when I was in middle school. Now that there are so many more with better prices AOL has been put on the back burner. This new plan of AOL to get more advertisers and to possibly lower costs would be extremely beneficial. They just have to make sure it doesn’t get too cluttered like Yahoo!

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will be fun to see if aol can get it together in europe since they're having problems in the US