Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Digital Signage Sweeps Canada

The Victoria Airport Academy has just entered a contract with new advertising in its airport. There are strong ties with this group to Vancouver Island. Richard Paquette, President and CEO of Victoria Airport Authority said, “Any level of business, large or small, local or global, that wishes to communicate with our passengers and guests now has that opportunity."
There is a plan to install these digital signs, created by Immediate Images Inc., which is British Columbia’s leading provider of digital signage. This signage is installed on 27 LCD screens throughout the airport. These displays are connected to the internet, and can be updated or change their ads from any computer with internet access. "The Immediate Images system allows advertisers to schedule ads to run five minutes from now or five years from now", said Farr, of Immediate Images, "And the fact that the medium is dynamic, not static, means that ads get noticed – they are seen and remembered."
This Victoria International Airport serves all areas of Canada, as well as the U.S and Mexico. It is also the second busiest airport in the province of Birtish Columbia. This is good for these digital signs because they are a new idea that will be seen by many people that walk through the airport. There will also be connections to people from the U.S and Mexico since that is where service is common. If these are a success in Canada, it might be time we bring these digital signs to the U.S, not only in airports but all over the cities as well.

Victoria Airport Advertising

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