Monday, February 18, 2008

ACT responsible

The international advertising agency (IAA) has decided to become more proactive in promoting social responsibility. There is a program entitled “One Minute Responsibility,” which the ACT organized. It is an initiative of AdForum, which features spots addressing a variety of causes. This program is made up of 25 campaigns that are part of the global ACT responsible tour.
This is said to be some of the best creative work for non-commercial causes, according to Mr. Mustapha Tabba, president of the IAA chapter in Jordan. Herve de Clerck, initiator of the ACT and IAA vice president of corporate responsibility made sure to include, “Our goal is to federate, inspire and promote great work in advertising and communication, in favour of social responsibility and sustainable development, and to show how advertising plays a significant role in raising awareness in today’s crucial world issues”.
Oliver de Montchenu, managing director of EuroNews sales (the channel that will be airing these social responsibility shorts) expressed that the staff of EuroNews is delighted to promote these ideas of social responsibility. “It shows the global capacity of the advertising industry to stimulate further the development of responsible communications”.
I think that this is a great idea for EuroNews to take on these promotions. It is definitely good to see advertising attempting to work for something beneficial to the world, such as sustainability, rather than only constant consumerism. It is definitely beneficial to attempt to inform people about these issues, and the fact that advertising agencies are taking it up internationally shows that the US should jump on this bandwagon.


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