Saturday, February 2, 2008

Internet International

Google has always been the top search engine in the U.S as well as internationally competing with yahoo and Microsoft. Google holds 48% of the market, where Yahoo holds 33% and Microsoft holds 38%. Yahoo and Microsoft are planning on teaming up to take over the International market, starting off with their conquer of Europe. This is frightening for Google, because if they do team up they will definitely take over the International market. According to Wayne Arnold, the chairman of the Practitioners in Advertising's digital group, "a combination of the two will make one of the most powerful display ad propositions out there - a huge growth area as search advertising also starts to plateau - but it doesn't necessarily solve the issue of Google's search dominance." This show how powerful the merger of these two will be internationally, for search engine purposes, as well as advertising in general, since there is a lot of advertising that comes out of both of these sites.
Google does hold 70% of the UK market for advertising at this point in time as well as a large portion of Australia's market, however in Japan Yahoo is the big name. The Asian countries are eventually going to be the most important to target, because of their economic growth and technological advancements, and if Yahoo and Microsoft can tackle that region, as well as have a slight influence in other international markets, they will become very successful. The merge is not definite yet, but according to experts it would make a lot of sense, because it "automatically gives scale against Google to operate as a gateway of massive size for people using the internet."

To find out more about the merge of Yahoo and Google click here

I think this merge would be very interesting, as to see how it would affect advertising globally. I have noticed that there are more advertisements on Yahoo, and they also used to have television commercials where Google never did. Maybe this would create a connection between U.S and International advertising buzz, since we would use similar search engines with influential advertising.

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Kim Gregson said...

big problem - it's not yahoo and google merging - microsoft wants to buy yahoo - - so some of your text is misleading at best

and you need to proofread - there are wrong words in several places

in the mcdonalds post - would be nice to see more info about the different foods - you mention one. And is that the text of the original article - that's not something we want to do because it violates their copyright