Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Advertising Melting Pot

The term “Melting pot” is often thought of as a good thing. New York is known as a melting pot because it has a variety of different people and different cultures all in one area. This helps create diversity and opens out minds up to other areas of the world and how they do things. Unfortunately not all people like the idea of a melting pot. In the Middle East marketing experts are calling for ad industry regulation. There is disruption of Arab culture with all of the international advertising campaigns that are invading the Arab culture. According to Al Hassan, Managing Director of Flagship Projects Marketing, "International advertising campaigns Arabised in the region are playing a big role in killing Arab culture and creating a melting pot of Western culture.”
This concept is linked to the idea of globalization and how American Culture is influencing all other areas in the world, eventually causing them to leave their original ideas and traditions in the wake of McDonalds and Nike. “Al Hasan added that advertising associations should hold responsibility for enhancing the Arab advertising industry, taking it to a new level of professionalism and innovation through a 360 approach. This approach should include creativity, efficiency, quality and value-added services provided to clients working in different industries, which are expanding both horizontally and vertically in an unprecedented manner.”
The idea that has been introduced is to stop the export of international artworks that are introduced into Arab markets. There are global trends and increased branding of international products that create the key targets to competition in 2008. The advertising messages that have, and should speak directly to Arab consumers are not proving as relevant to regional markets. “Arab brands are not able to compete on international levels according to latest studies: very finite number of Arab brands was included in the Top 100 Brands in the World list.”
It is a common fact that there are many youth internationally that would rather accept the western ways in forms of food and clothes rather than stick to their traditional culture. It is interesting to take into consideration the idea if this is our fault on the American side, since we want to bring our culture overseas or is it just the way it is. People, especially young people want to keep up with the newest products and trends. If what they are seeing on television is advertising for the new Air Jordan’s or an i-phone, that is what they will desire. That is the basis of advertising, and for America, the fact that it is spreading internationally is a goal achieved.


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