Thursday, April 3, 2008

hi 5!

Hi5 is the second largest social network in the world. There have recently been announcements of partnerships with Telecom in Portugal to enable more media in Portugal and the UK. The partnerships are made to combine an established local presence with a global audience. The plan is to offer advertisers more targets globally within the growing markets for Hi5.
According to Tiago Silva Lopes of Portugal Telecom, "hi5 has developed a strong global brand and loyal Portuguese audience. Our services can help extend hi5's visibility and value to advertisers in Portugal." The primary advertising platform of Hi5 is to allow advertisers to pinpoint their target audiences. The audiences of teens and twenties are the most coveted, and they represent the fastest growing demographic at this time. The internet as a medium of advertising is now becoming the most popular, since many advertisers are targeting the teens and young adults. This audience’s primary medium is the internet. That is why the internet ad spending, at least in the US has risen so drastically over the past years. "Hi5's expansive international reach helps global advertisers achieve their business goals, and creates tremendous value for all of our partners and advertisers."

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Kim Gregson said...

8 points - how did you find the hi5 - your source is a press release on their site, which is ok, but how didyou come across it - we want to know what you were interested in and who you saw talking about it