Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ad Impressions Around the World

15 billion ad impressions per month?! That is a lot, however it is just another day for Etology, the global leader in online advertising. This company is used to seeing 500 million ad impressions per day across Europe, with 300 collectively in Germany, the UK, France, Italy and the Netherlands. Etology’s European ad publishers include many high traffic sites. Some of these include, Bebo, Freindster and hi5, all dealing with the craze of social networking. Many advertisers on these sites also include Skechers, Vonage, and TravelZoo. This platform of bringing online communities together has created more targeting for online marketing as well as created corporate growth in the past year.
According to Brock Purpura, Etology’s CEO, "Through international expansion and strong foreign revenue streams, Etology's business model promises continued growth, our globalization and international market growth is critical to maintain our position as a leader in the online advertising arena."
What appears to be a pro of Etology’s advertising boom, is that it is easy to use. “A simple navigation dashboard allows anyone, from experienced web publishers to amateur entrepreneurs, to place profitable ads on a website.” The flexible nature of ads and ways to purchase them enables targeted campaigns to develop. A comprehensive dashboard also provides advertisers with statistics and analytic ideas concerning ad placement. Etology's ad service can be used anywhere in the world, including more than 190 countries.

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